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Sometimes referred to as the heart of the living room, by the end of 2011 there were about 60 million Televisions*** in the UK, which is almost one TV per person. But these days TV’s are not the simple appliance they once were, from new screen technology to smart internet connections, there are now a multitude of things that can go wrong. And when they do you’ll be left with nothing but a blank screen.

It’s not just the inconvenience of missing your favourite shows; the impact on your personal finances of a broken TV is a potential disaster. With the average TV repair costing as much as £150* and price of a new TV constantly rising, in some cases as much as £500, can you really afford not to cover your TV?

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Television Insurance

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* as long as the appliance is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty


Just to say thank you

I thought I must e-mail you and thank you for all your support over the last week. I had a problem with my Miele washing machine that proved to be an uneconomical repair. All of you staff without exception have been helpful, polite and professional throughout my dealings with you and today I have taken delivery of a brand new Indesit washing machine (IWC61651) and I just would like to say 'thank you'.

I have two more policies with you and I would certainly recommend your company to anymore.

Mrs. Carol