Terms & Conditions


This agreement applies as between you, the User of this Website and Home Appliance Guard Ltd , the owner(s) of this Website. Your agreement to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions is deemed to occur upon your first use of the Website. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you should stop using the Website immediately.

No part of this Website is intended to constitute a contractual offer capable of acceptance. Your order constitutes a contractual offer and our acceptance of that offer is deemed to occur upon our sending a dispatch email to you indicating that your order has been fulfilled and is on its way to you.


In this Agreement the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Account” means collectively the personal information, Payment Information and credentials used by Users to access Paid Content and / or any communications System on the Website;

Content” means any text, graphics, images, audio, video, software, data compilations and any other form of information capable of being stored in a computer that appears on or forms part of this Website;
Home Appliance Guard Ltd means Home Appliance Guard Ltd,Kingsland House,21 Hinton Road,Bournemouth,BH1 2DE

Service” means collectively any online facilities, tools, services or information that Home Appliance Guard Ltd makes available through the Website either now or in the future;

Services” means the services available to you through this Website, specifically Home Appliance Guard Ltd.

Payment Information” means any details required for the purchase of Services from this Website. This includes, but is not limited to, credit / debit card numbers, bank account numbers and sort codes;

Purchase Information” means collectively any orders, invoices, receipts or similar that may be in hard copy or electronic form;

Premises” Means our place(s) of business located at Home Appliance Guard Ltd.

System” means any online communications infrastructure that Home Appliance Guard Ltd. makes available through the Website either now or in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, web-based email, message boards, live chat facilities and email links;

User” / “Users” means any third party that accesses the Website and is not employed by Home Appliance Guard Ltd. and acting in the course of their employment; and

Website” means the website that you are currently using (www.homeapplianceguard.co.uk) and any sub-domains of this site unless expressly excluded by their own terms and conditions.


The information in this website is directed at people who solely access the website from the United Kingdom.


Persons under the age of 18 should use this Website only with the supervision of an Adult. Payment Information must be provided by or with the permission of an Adult.


The information and product detail shown on this website is for information purposes only. If you purchase a policy through this website the product and services will be subject to the specific terms and conditions provided at the time of purchase.


These Terms and Conditions do not apply to customers procuring Services in the course of business.


7.1 Subject to the exceptions in Clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions, all Content included on the Website, unless uploaded by Users, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, logos, icons, images, sound clips, video clips, data compilations, page layout, underlying code and software is the property of Home Appliance Guard Ltd., our affiliates or other relevant third parties. By continuing to use the Website you acknowledge that such material is protected by applicable United Kingdom and International intellectual property and other laws.

7.2 Subject to Clause 7 you may not reproduce, copy, distribute, store or in any other fashion re-use material from the Website unless otherwise indicated on the Website or unless given express written permission to do so by Home Appliance Guard Ltd.


8.1 Unless otherwise expressly indicated, all Intellectual Property rights including, but not limited to, Copyright and Trademarks, in product images and descriptions belong to the manufacturers or distributors of such products as may be applicable.

8.2 Subject to Clause 7 you may not reproduce, copy, distribute, store or in any other fashion re-use such material unless otherwise indicated on the Website or unless given express written permission to do so by the relevant manufacturer or supplier.


Material from the Website may be re-used without written permission where any of the exceptions detailed in Chapter III of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 apply.


This Website may contain links to other sites. Unless expressly stated, these sites are not under the control of Home Appliance Guard Ltd. or that of our affiliates. We assume no responsibility for the content of such web sites and disclaim liability for any and all forms of loss or damage arising out of the use of them. The inclusion of a link to another site on this Website does not imply any endorsement of the sites themselves or of those in control of them.


Those wishing to place a link to this Website on other sites may do so only after obtaining permission from Home Appliance Guard. Requests to link to the home page of the site www.homapplianceguard.co.uk are to be sent to marketing@homeapplianceguard.co.uk.


12.1 When using the enquiry form or any other System on the Website you should do so in accordance with the following rules:

12.1.1 You must not use obscene or vulgar language;

12.1.2 You must not submit Content that is unlawful or otherwise objectionable. This includes, but is not limited to, Content that is abusive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, ageist, sexist or racist;

12.1.3 You must not submit Content that is intended to promote or incite violence;

12.1.4 It is advised that submissions are made using the English language(s) as we may be unable to respond to enquiries submitted in any other languages;

12.1.5 The means by which you identify yourself must not violate these Terms andConditions or any applicable laws;
12.1.6 You must not impersonate other people, particularly employees and representatives of Home Appliance Guard Ltd.or our affiliates; and

12.1.7 You must not use our System for unauthorised mass-communication such as “spam” or “junk mail”.

12.2 You acknowledge that Home Appliance Guard Ltd. reserves the right to monitor any and all communications made to us or using our System.

12.3 You acknowledge that Home Appliance Guard Ltd. may retain copies of any and all communications made to us or using our System.

12.4 You acknowledge that any information you send to us through our website or post on the live chat system may be modified by us in any way and you hereby waive your moral right to be identified as the author of such information. Any restrictions you may wish to place upon our use of such information must be communicated to us in advance and we reserve the right to reject such terms and associated information.


13.1 In order to procure Services on this Website and to use them you are required to create an Account which will contain certain personal details and Payment Information which may vary based upon your use of the Website as we may not require payment information until you wish to make a purchase. By continuing to use this Website you represent and warrant that:

13.1.1 all information you submit is accurate and truthful;

13.1.2 you have permission to submit Payment Information where permission may be required; and

13.1.3 you will keep this information accurate and up-to-date.

Your creation of an Account is further affirmation of your representation and warranty.

13.2 It is recommended that you do not share your Account details, particularly your username and password. Home Appliance Guard Ltd. accepts no liability for any losses or damages incurred as a result of your Account details being shared by you. If you use a shared computer, it is recommended that you do not save your Account details in your internet browser.

13.3 If you have reason to believe that your Account details have been obtained by another without consent, you should contact Home Appliance Guard Ltd. immediately to suspend your Account and cancel any unauthorised orders or payments that may be pending. Please be aware that orders or payments can only be cancelled up until provision of Services has commenced. In the event that an unauthorised provision commences prior to your notifying us of the unauthorised nature of the order or payment, Home Appliance Guard Ltd. accepts no liability or responsibility and you should make contact with the third party service provider detailed in the Purchase Information] OR Home Appliance Guard Ltd.will suspend provision of Services and the withdrawal of any scheduled payments pending investigation. Following investigation, it shall be determined whether or not to cancel the Services and make a full or partial refund of the payment].

13.4 When choosing your username you are required to adhere to the terms set out above in Clause 9. Any failure to do so could result in the suspension and/or deletion of your Account.


14.1 Either Home Appliance Guard Ltd or you may terminate your Account. If Home Appliance Guard ltd terminates your Account, you will be notified by email and an explanation for the termination will be provided. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right to terminate without giving reasons.

14.2 If Home Appliance Guard Ltd terminates your Account, any current or pending orders or payments on your Account will be cancelled and provision of Services will not commence.

14.3 Home Appliance Guard Ltd reserves the right to cancel orders or payments without stating reasons, for any reason prior to processing payment or commencing Services provision.

14.4 You have the right to cancel your order for the Services within a statutory 21 working day cooling-off period. This period begins when you receive written confirmation of your order from Home Appliance Guard Ltd. If the provision of the Services commences within the cooling-off period, your right to cancel under this provision shall end.

14.5 If orders or payments are cancelled for any reason prior to commencement of Services provision you will be refunded any monies paid in relation to those purchases.

14.6 If you terminate your Account any non-completed orders or payments will be cancelled and you will be refunded any monies paid in relation to those orders.


15.1 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all descriptions of Services available from Home Appliance Guard Ltd. correspond to the actual Services, Home Appliance Guard Ltd. is not responsible for any variations from these descriptions. This does not exclude our liability for mistakes due to negligence on our part and refers only to variations of the correct Services, not different Services altogether.

15.2 All pricing information on the Website is correct at the time of going online. Home Appliance Guard Ltd. reserves the right to change prices and alter or remove any special offers from time to time and as necessary.

15.3 In the event that prices are changed during the period between an order being placed for Services and Home Appliance Guard Ltd. processing that order and taking payment, provision of Services shall commence as per your order and you will be charged the original price.

15.4 All prices on the Website include Insurance Premium Tax. Where VAT is applicable, the amount of VAT will be specified along with the unit price of the item.


16.1 Provision of Services shall commence when full payment has been received or as otherwise detailed in the Terms & Conditions pertaining directly to those Services.

16.2 Home Appliance Guard Ltd. shall use its best endeavours to provide the Services with reasonable skill and care.

16.3 Provision of all Services shall be subject to the terms and conditions pertaining directly to those Services.

16.4 In the event that Services are provided that are not in conformity with your order and thus incorrect, you should contact us within 10 days to inform us of the mistake. Home Appliance Guard Ltd. will ensure that any necessary corrections to the Services provided are made within 7 working days.

16.5 Home Appliance Guard Ltd. reserves the right to exercise discretion with respect to any alterations to Services under the provisions of this Clause 13. Factors which may be taken into account in the exercise of this discretion include, but are not limited to:

16.5.1 Any use or enjoyment that you may have already derived from the Services;

16.5.2 Any characteristics of the Services which may mean that cessation of provision is impossible without significant further work on the part and at the expense of Home Appliance Guard Ltd.Such discretion to be exercised only within the confines of the law.


17.1 Home Appliance Guard Ltd. makes no warranty or representation that the Website will meet your requirements, that it will be of satisfactory quality, that it will be fit for a particular purpose, that it will not infringe the rights of third parties, that it will be compatible with all systems, that it will be secure and that all information provided will be accurate. We make no guarantee of any specific results from the use of our Service or Services.

17.2 No part of this Website is intended to constitute advice and the Content of this Website should not be relied upon when making any decisions or taking any action of any kind.

17.3 No part of this Website is intended to constitute a contractual offer capable of acceptance.

17.4 Whilst Home Appliance Guard Ltd uses reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Website is secure and free of errors, viruses and other malware, all Users are advised to take responsibility for their own security, that of their personal details and their computers.


Home Appliance Guard Ltd. reserves the right to change the Website, its Content or these Terms and Conditions at any time. You will be bound by any changes to the Terms and Conditions from the first time you use the Website following the changes. If Home Appliance Guard Ltd. is required to make any changes to Terms and Conditions by law, these changes will apply automatically to any orders currently pending in addition to any orders placed by you in the future.


19.1 The Service is provided “as is” and on an “as available” basis. We give no warranty that the Service will be free of defects and / or faults. To the maximum extent permitted by law we provide no warranties (express or implied) of fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of information, compatibility and satisfactory quality.

19.2 Home Appliance Guard Ltd. accepts no liability for any disruption or non-availability of the Website resulting from external causes including, but not limited to, ISP equipment failure, host equipment failure, communications network failure, power failure, natural events, acts of war or legal restrictions and censorship.


20.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, Home Appliance Guard Ltd. accepts no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage, foreseeable or otherwise, including any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of the Website or any information contained therein. Users should be aware that they use the Website and its Content at their own risk.

20.2 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or restricts Home Appliance Guard Ltd.’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from any negligence or fraud on the part of Home Appliance Guard Ltd.

20.3 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions excludes or restricts Home Appliance Guard Ltd.’s liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising out of the incorrect provision of Services or out of reliance on incorrect information included on the Website.

20.4 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that these Terms and Conditions adhere strictly with the relevant provisions of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, in the event that any of these terms are found to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that term is to be deemed severed from these Terms and Conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining Terms and Conditions. This term shall apply only within jurisdictions where a particular term is illegal.


In the event that any party to these Terms and Conditions fails to exercise any right or remedy contained herein, this shall not be construed as a waiver of that right or remedy.

22. Previous Terms and Conditions

In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and any prior versions thereof, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

23. Third Party Rights

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall confer any rights upon any third party. The agreement created by these Terms and Conditions is between you and Home Appliance Guard Ltd.

24. Communications

24.1 All notices / communications shall be given to us either by post to our Premises at Kingsland House, 21 Hinton Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2DE or by email to customer-supportteam@homeapplianceguard.co.uk. Such notice will be deemed received 3 days after posting if sent by first class post, the day of sending if the email is received in full on a business day and on the next business day if the email is sent on a weekend or public holiday.

24.2 Home Appliance Guard Ltd. may from time to time send you information about our products and/or services. If you do not wish to receive such information, please change your preferences in the ‘My Account’ section of the website and then choose the opt out of marketing option.


These Terms and Conditions and the relationship between you and Home Appliance Guard Ltd. shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales and Home Appliance Guard Ltd. and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Competition Terms & Conditions

The Promotion is run by Home Appliance Guard Ltd, Kingsland House, 21 Hinton Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2DE. Entrants must be over the age of 18, and a UK resident. The promotion is not open to employees or contractors of Home Appliance Guard, or any person directly or indirectly involved in the organisation or running of the promotion, or their direct family or household members. Entries are limited to one per draw, per household. Entries may be submitted both online and via post. Postal entries should be submitted to: Prize Draw Entry – Marketing Dept, Home Appliance Guard, Kingsland House, 21 Hinton Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 2DE. This promotion is open from the 1st week of each month and prizes will be drawn on a monthly basis on the 1st day of the following month. Valid entries received after midnight on the closing date of any individual draw will be entered for the next month’s promotion. The promotion will run on a monthly basis until advised by Home Appliance Guard. No purchase is required to enter. Prizes will be advised as the draws take place, no cash substitutes will be offered. Images of prizes are for illustrative purposes only, and prizes supplied may differ slightly from the images shown. The prize for each draw will always be described accurately in text. Winners will be notified via email. Prizes will be dispatched within 5 working days of the final draw. Draws will take place on the first working day following the closing date. Details of winners will be published on the Home Appliance Guard website; details will consist of Name, Town and prize won. A list of previous winners is available on request 5 working days from the final draw date by emailing Marketing@homeapplianceguard.co.uk Home Appliance Guard Ltd. is an Appointed Representative of Home Appliance Guard Ltd. is an Appointed Representative of Alternative Propositions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority: 602443. Registered in England and Wales, Reg. No. 05927936. By agreeing to these terms and conditions I understand that my contact details may be used for marketing purposes for telephone, SMS, email & mail contact by Home Appliance Guard.

Appliance Repair Terms & Conditions

About Your Repair

Welcome to home appliance guard – specialist providers of fixed price breakdown repairs for your key household appliances.

The Engineer will contact you within 48 hours of being instructed to arrange a convenient time to inspect the appliance and carry out the repair.

On occasion we may need to order parts so that the repair can be completed and we will keep you informed by email regarding the progress of your repair.

Please read carefully through the Terms and Conditions as it provides useful information about the benefits provided and how to contact us.

What will Home Appliance Guard pay for?

For the agreed fixed price repair of £150.00 Home Appliance Guard Ltd will pay the cost of the labour and parts to repair your appliance through our repair network.

We will not pay for?

The following is excluded from the cover provided under this Policy:

  • If the Appliance is used for a non-domestic purpose or in a commercial environment;
  • Any repair work we have not authorised or which is not carried out by one of our approved repair engineers.
  • Appliance which has to be repaired outside of the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Northern Ireland;
  • Any costs incurred as a result of not being able to use Your Appliance;
  • Any damage to property or personal injury;
  • Any Appliance on a boat or in a Caravan

What happens if Home Appliance Guard cannot repair your appliance or if the appliance is beyond economical repair?

If we cannot obtain the parts to carry out the repair after 28 days, or if the cost of the repair would be greater than the value of the appliance, we will refund the cost of the Fixed Price Repair less an administration charge of £80.

How do I cancel or change my appointment?

Should you need to change your appointment we will need 24 hours’ notice. To change your appointment time please contact us on 0800 652 6789.
If you decide that you do not wish to proceed with the fixed price repair we will refund the cost in full provided the Engineer has not carried out an inspection.

How long is the repair guaranteed for?

The initial fault is guaranteed for 3 months from the date the repair is carried out and if the appliance should fail for the same fault within the 3 months we will carry out the repair with no additional charge.

How we will use your data

Your details will be held and used by Home Appliance Guard Ltd. and selected companies acting on our behalf to administer your repair. We may disclose your information to our service providers and repair engineers to enable them to carry out a repair.

If you have given us permission, your details may also be used by us or third parties for other marketing purposes. We and the third parties (if applicable) may contact you by mail, telephone or email. If you no longer want your data to be used by third parties or by / for marketing purposes You should write to the Data Protection Officer at: Kingsland House, 21 Hinton Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2DE.

To help keep your details accurate we may use information we receive from our partners. You may ask us for a copy of your details (subject to a small fee) and to correct any inaccuracies.

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